Why do Indian Students Prefer Pursuing Higher Studies Abroad?

According to many national surveys, it has been estimated that a fair share of students and even working professionals are looking forward to pursuing higher studies abroad. There are numerous factors at work in this shift in trend among the country's youth. The limitless exposure and better standard of living are two of the many reasons why there is an influx in the number of students who are moving abroad. In this blog, we are going to look deeper into the factors why Indian students prefer education abroad.

Reasons why Indian students prefer pursuing higher education abroad

The statistics study given out by RedSeer says that by 2024, around 1.8 million students will be spending around 85 million USD on their education abroad. The major reason why students prefer education abroad:

1. Quality of education

The standards of education are undeniably high when compared to Indian educational institutions. Most curricula presented by colleges abroad are designed to prepare students to be assets to the global community. The study structures abroad do not just limit students to their bookish knowledge but also give them avenues to gain practical experience in their relevant field of work. When engaged in practical experiences, students, alongside their learning, bring in the capability to think critically and devise customized solutions for the problems of the real world scenario. The universities abroad also help promote cross-functional abilities that will help them get the competitive edge amongst other professionals and get better career growth. These cross functional skills include communication skills, teamwork, client handling, problem solving, organizational leadership, etc. 

Education abroad gives ample opportunities for students to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These soft skills can take you a long way and also promise good career advancement.

2. Higher Standard of Living

Everyone who is looking for higher education abroad is also looking forward to settling in those places after their studies. The facilities and a complete shift in the living standards abroad give a solid reason for choosing to study abroad. India is a developing country with a lot of differences and issues with pay scale offerings. Most of the employees in high-end Indian companies do not get what they look for, and their career growth is severely stunted. As most countries abroad look to their country's education for job prospects, Indians have to take higher educational opportunities from that country in order to get a better job opportunity. This is also a prime reason for a large number of Indians pursuing higher education abroad. As a result, when they look for opportunities abroad, they look for countries where they can easily obtain student visas and have a better chance of obtaining permanent resident visas and citizenship. 

3. Multiple options to learn

Abroad, universities have a very extensive format for studies and many branches that give an opportunity for every individual to look into options or subjects they are interested in. Indian universities have a very stricter outlook and have the same set of conventional courses, and they are not moving with the tide of giving students options to traverse between different subject lines. Students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and step out of their comfort zones. Moving to another country in itself opens up chances for students to see and analyze different cultural systems and get in touch with different kinds of perspectives from people of various backgrounds. It can help them have better networks and stay relevant with ambitions and growth prospects in their career.

4. Change of Thought

In Indian education, teachers are very much focused on directing their students to learn for the exam and more emphasis is given on the marks they earn on a sheet of paper. Exams are definitely an important part of academics but giving sole importance to the same will not promote overall growth of the students. Abroad, education is more focused on encompassing education. They promote students to This actually promotes better learning for students throughout the entire learning process. This actually promotes better learning for students. Higher education abroad promotes and envisions research and gives everyone the opportunity of well-rounded education. 

5. Easy Accessibility to Admission

There’s high competition in India when it comes to educational opportunities. All premium educational institutions set high and unattainable stakes, and only the most premium students will meet those cut-offs. It is fairly easy to get admissions for foreign education. They consider many factors besides just the marks. Indian students who want to avoid such immense competition choose to get better educational opportunities abroad. 

6. Duration of Courses

Course durability is yet another reason why Indian students prefer to pursue their courses abroad. The Indian courses in post graduation are mostly two years, but MBA and other professional courses abroad are only one year. This will give the students the chance to get into work opportunities as soon as possible and start their earning opportunities. Educational expenses are also comparatively low in countries like the UK, which is again a good advantage for Indian students.

7. Employment opportunities

Most foreign universities give their students opportunities for internships during the course. This gives the students an extra leg up when it comes to applying for work and job opportunities. Internships can also help with better networking options, which gives them chances to get to know different personalities. Foreign work opportunities give you that needed challenge of meeting new obstacles and developing new skills.

Many students dream of studying abroad, and their dreams stem from a place where they want to be settled and stable. Getting in touch with a good education consultant will help you to achieve your dream of pursuing education abroad easily. 

They can help you with easy access to financial aid, documentation evaluation, loan candidacy, loan approval, etc.