Ireland is one of the best study-abroad destinations for international students. The country accommodates some of the finest universities in the world offering high-quality education. Irish universities provide numerous courses in natural sciences, technology, economics, and the humanities. According to the UN Human Development Index, the quality of life in the country is ranked as 4th in the world, also the country is ranked 6th among the wealthiest nations in the world. By studying in Ireland, the international students get a big opportunity to access the vibrant culture of the country that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and provide a chance to grow personally and professionally that go beyond the curriculum. 

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Why study in Ireland?

The education system in Ireland is known for its world-class universities, multiple selections of courses and extensive work opportunities. The universities offer thousands of study programs in various streams makes it an ideal destination for international students to pursue their higher education. Here are the top reasons why Ireland could be an ideal study abroad destination for international students:

Quality Institutions: Irish institutions are known for its globally recognized quality of education. The government of Ireland monitors the quality of education through the National Framework of Qualifications. It is also renowned for high-quality scientific research. 

Extensive Choice of Courses: Top universities and educational institutions in Irelands offer an extensive selection of courses in various disciplines including data science and data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, computer science, business, engineering, humanities, sociology, arts and many more. Along with this, educational institutions also provide courses in hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, media, textiles, marketing and many more.

Scholarships: The universities in Ireland offers various scholarship options for international students. Meritorious students can apply for scholarships that will cover half of their education depending on the program university. 

Tech-hub of Europe: Ireland is well known for the vast number of IT companies which enables faster and high paying job opportunities. The headquarters of top IT companies like Google, Microsoft, DELL, and many more are situated in Ireland. 

Career Opportunities: Ireland is considered the economic powerhouse of Europe. Many multinational IT companies, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies, gaming companies, medical device companies are situated in Ireland giving the perfect opportunity for international students to start their dream career. 

Opportunities to Earn: The education system in Ireland allows international students to work part-time. The students can work for 20 hours per week during the courses and 40 hours per week during vacation. After completion of their studies, the students can stay back to seek employment. 

Vibrant Culture: Ireland is known for its rich culture, friendly people and welcoming society, making it a study abroad destination for international students. There are many festivals with rich customs and traditions in Ireland which are an integral part of their culture.  

Safety:  Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world. Irish people are known for their friendliness and hospitality, which helps international students to adapt easily to students in a new country. International students can enjoy similar rights as Irish citizens.  

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Entry requirement to study in Ireland

International students should require a student visa to pursue their higher studies in Ireland. The educational qualification is equivalent to the qualification of the UK

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most renowned study destinations for international students to pursue their higher studies and explore career options.

Employment Opportunities in Ireland

International students who have completed their students are entitled to apply for a post-study work permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting the IELTS requirement is one of the major requirements for students who wish to study in Ireland. The score band varies according to the courses and universities you choose. Other English Language proficiency tests accepted are TOEFL and PTE.

Generally, it will take four to eight weeks to process the student visa for Ireland. Student can apply for a study up to three months before your date of arrival in Ireland.

Irish Universities offer numerous study programs to international students. Some of them are Accounting, Business, Computing and IT, Hospitality and Tourism, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Bio-Technology, Finance and Economics, Health Informatics, Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Nursing, Social Science and much more.

There are numerous scholarships available for international students from various sources in Ireland. Most of the scholarships are offered by the Government of Ireland some of them are given by some of the higher education institutions and private bodies.

International students who are pursuing a full-time course and own the GNIB are entitled to work up to 20 hours part-time per week and full-time during the college holidays.

Ireland offers 24 months stay-back period for international students who successfully completed their course. 

Spouses of international students can apply to live in Ireland separately, but not based on their relationship to a student.

Yes, the Irish immigration service makes it mandatory for all international students to have a basic policy covering emergency medical expenses. 

International students who have been accepted into the universities of Ireland are required to pay the tuition fee for the entire course and should submit the proof of payment while applying for a student visa to study in Ireland.

The cost of studying in Ireland would depend on many factors. Hence, it is not possible to state a generic expense. We can help you in joining an affordable course if you are looking for one.

The documents required to study in Ireland include a police clearance certificate stating there are no criminal offences existing against you, a certificate proving educational qualification, a medical certificate stating that you are free of contagious diseases and other ailments, a bank statement indicating the availability of funds, and a letter of acceptance from university/ college.

Appealing the refusal may be the way forward. Discrepancies in the document can be corrected and re-submitted if there are any. Consult a reliable study abroad consultant for further assistance and guidance in this regard.

Apply for the scholarship by pursuing the laid down procedure, if you are eligible for the scholarship.

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  • Ireland Study Abroad Consultants

Study at elite international institutions, earn highly acclaimed qualifications, and grab your dream life. Certifications from renowned colleges and universities can elevate your career prospects significantly. Obtaining admission to those may not be easy. You would require support from expert study-abroad consultants to identify the right institution, comply with the formalities, and submit the application properly.

Ireland has been one of the most sought-after global education destinations. The number of foreign students who want to study in Ireland has been on the rise.

Edroots International has been helping students realise their study abroad dreams since 2007. If you want to study in Ireland, contact us. We have been trusted study abroad consultants for over a decade and a half.

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Not many countries can claim the same quality of education as Ireland. Before we discuss why study in Ireland is a great choice, let’s look into the exclusive aspects of the country.

-It is home to some of the world's best universities. Recognized around the globe, the qualifications from those universities can get you a job at famed entities.

-Some of the top-notch universities offering courses in Natural Sciences, Technology, Economics, and Humanities are in Ireland.

-The United Nations Quality of Life Index ranks Ireland fourth.

- vibrant culture.

- Hospitable society, which accepts foreign students with an open heart.

As a foreign student, you will be welcomed by a serene, pleasant, and supportive community. The study in Ireland would be so comfortable and productive that you could go for great achievements in life.

As the leading study abroad consultants, we have been receiving queries constantly about studying in Ireland. The benefits that make studying in Ireland a popular choice are:

  • International students can choose from a large collection of courses in different streams. One can simply find the course or subject of their passion at elite educational institutions in the country. Completing the course successfully can get you well-paid jobs in any corner of the world.
  • The National Framework of Qualifications by the Irish government monitors the coaching programs, curriculum, teaching methodology, and quality of education. This comprehensive monitoring puts the colleges and other educational institutions in the country a notch above the rest. One of the prime reasons to study in Ireland.
  • Scholarships and grants offered by governmental bodies and NGOs can support your education budget. Thus, the overall expenditure for your study in Ireland would come down phenomenally. Nonetheless, you would require guidance from an experienced study abroad consultant like us for complying with the application formalities for obtaining a scholarship or grant.
  • Isn’t it great to study in the tech hub of Europe? Ireland is known as the tech hub of Europe, with the main campuses of many companies, especially those in the IT field, located here. Studying in Ireland will bring you one step closer to realising your dream of joining such prestigious organizations.
  • Great career prospects at the location of your choice are another benefit of pursuing study in Ireland. Known for the quality of education, companies and organizations understand the skill and quality possessed by the candidates with qualifications earned from the top educational institutions in Ireland. At the same time, with tight competition, you would need the support of expert study abroad consultants to gain admission to those educational institutions.
  • International students can work for 20 hours a week while they are undergoing a course in Ireland. It is 40 hours a week. Those who want to stay back for a job after completing their study in Ireland can comply with the procedure and get a work permit.

What makes Edroots international the best Study Abroad Consultants

Edroots International has been providing optimal support to aspirants who are ambitious about studying overseas. We have a strong rapport and have been one of the top study abroad consultants.

exceptional reach with many renowned universities and colleges around the world.

You are at the right place if your dream is to study in Ireland. Our comprehensive guidance and support would aid you in completing the application process and getting enrolled in the college of your choice.

The features that make us the ideal study abroad consultants for you are:

  • Expert Consultant and Counseling Team: Our team would discuss your passion and life goal. The appropriate course and the best university in Ireland would be recommended.Helping you to determine the way forward that would bestow you with a successful career.
  • End-to-End Support: Our support, which begins with initial counseling, does not end once you get enrolled in the university of your choice. We would extend administrative support and advice as and when you require it. Our committed team is always at your service.
  • Obtain Admission to the College or Course of Your Choice: We never force the course or college of our choice. We would get you admitted to the college/ course/ university that you want.
  • Courses for those with Constrained budgets as well: Let us know if you want a budget-friendly course to study in Ireland. We were a study abroad consultant who was accountable to the students. We can suggest affordable courses to study in Ireland, the ideal location to stay, and other aspects that can help you save money. 

Drop us a message, call us, or visit us today, if you are looking to study in Ireland.