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Scholarship Opportunities from Edroots

Scholarships from a foreign university are a great achievement for international students.

Scholarships help to reduce the overall expense of their studies. Several countries and higher education institutions across the world offer scholarships, bursaries and grants to Indian students based on various parameters. Most of the scholarships are awarded to students with academic excellence or extracurricular involvement. Often universities offer scholarships to master’s and Ph.D. programmes, but there are also numerous scholarships given to high-performing undergraduate students.

Merit-based scholarships

Scholarships awarded under this category are based on a student’s academic excellence or extracurricular involvement such as achievement in sports and arts.

Need-based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is generally offered to international students searching for financial aid for their education. This scholarship is given to students based on the economic status of the family.

Student specific Scholarships

Scholarships given to students based on various factors such as gender, race, religion, family, and medical history.

Programme or subject-specific scholarships

Universities and colleges can offer scholarships to students based on the individual program or courses they pursue.

Destination specific scholarships

This type of scholarship varies depending on the country the students choose to study. Government organisations, private institutions, public authorities, or universities offer financial aids to students from a particular country.

Sports-based scholarships

It’s a type of scholarship awarded to students who are excelled in sports. These scholarships require students to representing their university at various sports events.

Scholarships in the UK

The UK government, universities and colleges offer numerous scholarships, bursaries and additional financial assistance to several international students from several countries including India. Meritorious students will get scholarships or financial aids depending on the various parameters, programmes and institutions.

Scholarships in Canada

The Canadian government, colleges and several independent organisations offer a wide range of scholarships to meritorious students. International students pursuing higher education in Canada can apply for various funding.

Scholarships in Australia

Several scholarships, grants, and bursaries are offered to Indian students by the Australian Government, education institutions, and many public and private organisations.

Scholarships in New Zealand

Renowned for its high quality of education and unbeatable lifestyle, New Zealand Government, other government institutions, educational institutions and philanthropists offers scholarships for international students pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Scholarships in Ireland

International students pursuing higher education in Ireland are eligible for various scholarships from the Government of Ireland, higher education institutions and other private organisations. The scholarships are awarded to students solely at the discretion of the individual organisations and their criteria for eligibility.

Scholarships in Germany

Universities in Germany offers internationally recognised numerous study program to students. The government of Germany and the universities offer a significant number of scholarships and financial support available to international students to study in Germany.

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