The education system in New Zealand is renowned for its several modern universities, world-class quality education, and expert faculties. The country offers a wide range of learning opportunities that include state-funded universities, colleges, polytechnics and private training centers. Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics (ITP's) in New Zealand are recognized for its programs which are “Ready to Enter the Job Markets”.  

The multicultural ambiance of New Zealand with a variety of ethnic communities and people from all backgrounds makes the county a cosmopolitan location that welcomes International students.

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a friendly and welcoming country that provides an environment for international students to explore unique opportunities in overseas study. Study in New Zealand offers an exceptional education system, globally accredited qualifications, research opportunities, and an unparalleled quality of life to international students. Here are the top reasons why students should choose New Zealand for their higher education.

Globally Recognized Education System: New Zealand has globally recognized education standards with many universities appearing in top position in the world ranking list. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) ensures that all educational institutions are registered to enroll international students and comply with qualifications standards.

Innovative Learning Method: The county offers theoretical and practical oriented program module focused on industry-centric training. Study in New Zealand prepares students to think critically, question, and benefit most from student-teacher interaction.

Wide Range of Programs: International students can avail a wide range of study programmes in various subjects. It has a progressive education system that offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Graduate diplomas, Diplomas and PG diploma courses. Also, the country offers immense opportunities for research students to pursue their Ph.Ds. The educational institutions provide highly experienced faculties, well-equipped laboratories, access to the latest technologies, equipment, and abundant opportunities for international students. 

Quality of Life: New Zealand is a safe county that offers an eco-friendly and pollution-free environment. It has a multi-cultural society with people from various ethnic backgrounds co-existing in perfect harmony. The country is also known for its welcoming and friendly attitude towards international students. The climate is usually warm and dry with no harsh winter suitable to get accustomed to for international students

Peaceful and Stable State Conditions: The economic and political conditions are incredibly stable with a warm embrace towards immigrants. According to the Global Peace Index, 2020, New Zealand ranks as the second most peaceful country in the world. The international students can enjoy the same rules and rights existing in the country. 

Opportunities to Earn: International students can work for 20 hours every week during their course and full-time during vacation. Part-time work during studies can help students to pay their living expenses, meet new people and get to know about the work culture of New Zealand. For students who are pursuing research or a doctoral degree, will be allowed to work full-time.

Post Study Work Permit: After completing studies, the international students can avail post-study work permit for up to 3-years. This is a great opportunity to get work experience in New Zealand, preparing the students to look for new international avenues.

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Entry Requirements to Study in New Zealand 

The requirements to apply for an educational institution may vary depending upon universities and selection of courses. The students should conduct careful perusal of the rules for the study permit application.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

Educational institutions in New Zealand are allowed to set their own fee structure. So depending on the course and university, the fess will be different.

Employment Opportunities in New Zealand

After the completion of studies, if an international student gets a permanent job offer (an offer that qualifies the visa requirement) in the related field of study, the student is eligible for applying PR. Else, a student can stay in New Zealand there and search for a job on a work permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand universities are renowned for their variety of programs, well-equipped labs, quality of education, expert faculties, etc. The education provided by universities of New Zealand is recognised by employers across the world. Top courses in New Zealand are Science and Technology, Animation and Digital Design, Engineering, Business Management, IT and Computer Science, Health Care, Food and Hospitality etc. 

The language level required differs on the university, courses, and its level. Generally, to study in New Zealand higher education institutions students should have a decent score in English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL.

Yes, the education system of New Zealand is renowned for its quality of education and it is internationally accepted by employers across the world. 

Yes, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during your session and full-time during the vacation. Those who are doing research can work full-time.  

You will be paid a minimum wage of NZ$14.75 an hour, for workers above the age of 16 years. 

Educational institutions in New Zealand accept an age gap of 10 years, but the students should fill the gap with valid and credible information. 

Yes, dependent can work in New Zealand, provided they hold a work-visa.

The cost of living in New Zealand varies from city to city, but it is comparatively lesser than other major European nations. The students should have an economic plan to have a comfortable stay in New Zealand.

Universities in New Zealand offer merit-based scholarships to international students. Those candidates with good academics and extracurricular achievements are eligible for scholarships. Call our counsellors to check your eligibility. 

After successful completion of your course (Bachelor’s/Master’s/ Post Graduate Diploma), you are eligible for a post-study work permit for up to 3-years. This helps the students to have relevant work experience in their own field. 

The universities and colleges in New Zealand have two batches annually, in February and July. Those aspiring to join the top educational institutions in the country should commence the application process without any delay. Initiating the application process in August is advisable for those who want to join the February batch.

Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland, and Palmerston North are the most popular cities for foreign students. Many reasons make these locations in New Zealand more acceptable to international students.

Although the tuition fee would differ depending on the stream, the course chosen, etc. the tuition fee in private educational institutions in New Zealand ranges from 20,000 EUR to 25,000 EUR.

Yes, a foreign student can undergo more than one course in New Zealand. Those who want to study more than one course consecutively can take a Pathway Student Visa. With this visa, the international student can study up to 03 consecutive programs on a single visa.

The application to the New Zealand universities must have all the relevant documents attached. The documents include the Resume of the person applying, Educational Qualifications along with Mark Lists, Statement of Purpose, Relevant Degree Transcripts, Documents of Extracurricular Activities, Copy of Passport, Birth Certificate and 02 Reference Letters.

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New Zealand Study Abroad Consultants

Choose to pursue higher education at the top universities in New Zealand. Edroots International can help you realise your dream of studying in New Zealand. Our team of overseas education consultants, counsellors, and staff are here to assist you with the best service and guidance.

Since 2007, we have been providing the best possible assistance to students who want to study abroad in New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries.We became the best overseas education consultants due to our proven assistance in enrolling them in elite educational institutions.

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Benefits of studying in New Zealand

Studying at renowned international educational institutions is going to bring prosperity, growth, and a fulfilling career. New Zealand has always remained a highly sought-after global education destination. The benefits of study in New Zealand include:

  • World-class education system developed by experts and approved by government-authorized specialised teams
  • Choose from a wide variety of educational institutions, including government-funded colleges, polytechnics, private colleges, and professional and technical institutions.
  • The availability of all the advanced course programs is another benefit of studying in New Zealand. International students can pick the stream they are passionate about.
  • Serene and enjoyable social atmosphere, and welcoming people who accept the foreign student as one of them.
  • Experienced and dependable New Zealand study abroad consultants can assist you in obtaining scholarships and grants to fund your education.

Education System in New Zealand

New Zealand's education system has received laurels from the world for its comprehensiveness, quality, and pedagogical methodology. Having exemplary quality, the candidates with qualifications from New Zealand are expected to possess matchless capability. Therefore, they can easily get a job in any part of the world.

  • Exemplary Characteristics – Not many countries can match New Zealand in the education sector. It has established a well-defined system that makes the study in New Zealand the best among many. Globally accredited qualifications, opportunities to research diverse subjects, an excellent quality of life without requiring an exorbitant budget, and the optimistic attitude of the hosts are the exemplary characteristics of the country.
  • Internationally Recognized and Accepted Education Process – The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is the body established to monitor and maintain the quality of education in the country. Accordingly, the committee examines, evaluates, and institutes improvements as well as amendments. It has an undeniable role in maintaining the education sector in New Zealand, which is highly valuable around the globe.
  • Distinctive pedagogical methodologies – The education system in New Zealand blends theory with practise so well. The students will have a thorough knowledge of the concepts, the practicability of those, and a keen understanding of various scenarios involving the theories. With the education method being pragmatic in nature, the study in New Zealand strengthens the students' ability to pursue critical thinking, ask questions, and imbibe even the subtlest elements.
  • Many Courses to Choose From – Just decide the stream or subject in which one wants to continue higher education, and it would be available. The authorised New Zealand study abroad consultants will be able to assist the aspirant in obtaining admission to the subject course.Let it be a bachelor’s degree course, a master's degree course, a diploma course, a PG diploma, or any other program.
  • Safe and Secure Life – New Zealand has a safe and serene atmosphere. Foreign students can live safely, study without any hindrances, and enjoy their lives. Furthermore, the country focuses on protecting the biosphere and follows eco-friendly concepts everywhere. This positive approach to life and the world would be fulfilling for the student undergoing study in New Zealand. He or she would be an asset not only for the organisation he/ she is recruited for but also for the nation. with such a productive thought process infused.
  • Earn During the Course – Similar to some of the other countries, New Zealand permits foreign students to work for 20 hours per week. The foreign student can work full-time during vacation time. Thus, one can reduce the financial load on the family by finding the funds to study in New Zealand. Post-study work permit that extends up to three years is another advantage of studying in New Zealand. By choosing to work in the country for the subject period, the student can obtain ample experience before applying for a job in any other country.

Reach out to us if you have more queries or looking for the best New Zealand study abroad consultants.

What makes Edroots international the best Study Abroad Consultants

Edroots International is proud to have dedicatedly served students for over a decade and a half.We understand their needs and offer the right service accordingly. Transparent dealings, assured support, expert guidance, and comprehensive features have been our specialities.

Our features include:

  • Good rapport with some of the top universities and colleges in New Zealand.
  • A methodically formulated process beginning with initial counseling. It would continue even after the student began college.We would offer administrative support for those who require it.
  • Guidance based on the student's prefered stream and available funds.
  • Advise on the scholarships and grants available, besides guiding the student to fill out the application for the same if he or she is eligible.

We invite you to discuss with us the opportunities for studying in New Zealand, the best universities for studying the course of your choice, and kick-starting the application process to study in New Zealand.

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