Canada is a popular overseas study destination among Indian students for numerous reasons. From a top-rated education system to excellent quality of life, immense post-study work options and easy immigration opportunities, Canada stands out as the best study abroad destination. The Canadian education system is ranked among the best in the world and is home to some of the top universities in the world making it a global leader in scientific and technological research.

Why Study in Canada?

The Canadian education system consists of the world ranking public and private universities, colleges, schools, Community Colleges / Technical Institutes, Language Schools, and Secondary Schools. The superior quality of education, a wide range of programs in various streams, and top-notch educational institutions make Canada attracts tens of thousands of international students every year. Here are the reasons why Canada could be the best study abroad destination:

Excellent Quality of Education: Canada is known for its internationally recognized best quality education system. The universities and colleges offer degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in a variety of subjects which are accepted by employers around the world.

Practically Oriented Study Option: The higher education system in Canada caters to the changing trends of the global job market. There are many prestigious universities in Canada that are consistently ranked as the best educational institutions in the world. The programs provided by the universities are extremely industry-centric and practically oriented teaching method makes the students highly employable.

Affordable Fee Structure: Canadian universities and colleges offer fairly cheaper tuition fees compared to the fee structure of other countries. The cost of studying in Canadian colleges ranges from 10,000 CAD to 25,000 per annum. Based on their academics, international students can apply for various scholarships provided by the universities to curtail the total cost of education.

Opportunities to Earn: International students are allowed to work part-time while studying in Canada. The students can work 20 hours a week during their classes and full-time during vacation. Those students who are completed their course will receive stay back option with an open work permit for up to three years.

Easy Immigration: Canada is one of the English-speaking countries that have an easy immigration policy. The post-graduation in Canada offers a post-study work permit which allows students to stay back up to three years. This enables students to have international work experience. After the expiry of the post-study work permit, the eligible candidates can apply for Canadian permanent immigration.

Welcoming Society: Canada is renowned for its multicultural society. The people living in this country are very polite and accepting of various foreign cultures. This outlook towards culture is endorsed by the government with supportive laws for international students and minorities.

Safety: Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the safest and peaceful countries in the world. The educational institution pays the utmost attention to the safety of the students. International students can enjoy the same right as any other Canadian citizen.

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Entry Requirements to Study in Canada

The requirements to apply to any educational institution may vary depending upon universities and selection of courses. The students should conduct careful perusal of the rules for the study permit application.

Cost of Studying in Canada

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that offers a high-quality education while being affordable to international students.

Employment Opportunities in Canada

International students have the opportunity to work part-time to support their living expenses while studying in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colleges are generally smaller institutions that provide undergraduate education in a wide range of academic subjects. On the other hand, a university is a larger institution that houses numerous colleges functioning on or off-campus.

International students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in Canada should require a minimum of 6.0 band with no less than 5.5 in each of the 4 IELTS segments. For a post-graduate degree, the student should score 6.5 band with at least a 6.0 in each of the 4 segments.

If you wish to study in Canada, you need to obtain a Canadian study permit. A study permit for Canada will cost CAD 150. 

A study permit is a document issued by the Government of Canada that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada.

The visa application process might take anywhere from 3-4 weeks. It is advisable to contact the Edroots counsellor to know more about visa processing time.

Each institution in Canada has its own admission requirements for international students. The criteria may vary depending on the program you select. To know more details about this, you can contact Edroots International office. 

Generally, there are two types of accommodation available for students in Canada, on-campus and off-campus accommodation. On-campus accommodation ranges from shared condominiums to dormitory-style living. The price, quality, and availability of off-campus accommodations will differ. 

International students who wish to study in Canada need to submit proof of sufficient funds. They should buy Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from any participating bank such as Nova Scotia Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Canada Bank, CIBC Bank for an amount of CAD 10,000 to facilitate the living expenses of the first year.

The eligibility for scholarships to international students to study in Canada depends on the outstanding academic performances and excellent English Proficiency scores. Scholarships are offered by the universities based on the eligibility benchmarks but in some universities, the students need to apply for the scholarships. Check your scholarship eligibility with our counsellor, click here. 

Yes, you can work while studying in Canada, but you should possess a valid study permit and Social Insurance Number. You can work part-time for 20 hours per week during courses and full-time during the vacation. 

Yes. Your dependent would be eligible for an open work permit. While you’re studying, your dependent can work full time for any employer in Canada without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Yes. International students who wish to pursue their higher studies in Canada need to avail health insurance as it has been made mandatory by Canadian universities and colleges. 

You can apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa after completing your studies, provide you should meet the requirements of the Canadian immigration program under which you apply. To know more about Canadian PR, call our counsellor. 

The overall expenses for studying in Canada would depend on many factors like the course fee, the food and accommodation expenses, and transportation costs. The exact cost can be confirmed based on the course one chooses in Canada only.

The basic requirements or eligibility criteria to study in Canada are a valid passport, no criminal offense against the student in the home country, medically fit, requisite educational qualification, availability of funds, and a letter of acceptance from a school, college or university.

IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for studying in Canada. Many universities in Canada offer different courses for international students who do not have IELTS.

You can appeal the refusal. Alternatively, if the study permit to Canada is refused due to any anomalies in the document, it can be corrected and re-applied.

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Canada Study Abroad Consultants

Are you looking to study in elite educational institutions in Canada? One of the best abroad education destinations, with phenomenal growth prospects through quality education, extensive post-qualification career opportunities, and a viable PR process, Canada has always been a preferable choice.

If you are looking for Canada study abroad consultants, you have come to the right place.We can get you enrolled in the sought-after universities that offer the course of your choice. Attain great success in life and live the life of your dreams. Opt to study in Canada and receive a blissful living.

Edroots International has been supporting students who want to study in Canada since 2007. Our counsellors, administrative team, and overseas education consultants would work in tandem to extend you comprehensive support and successfully place you in Canada's best college.

Canada Education System, Benefits of Studying in Canada

Canada has a meticulously planned educational system.Consequently, it has established several world-class educational institutions across the country. With student-focused, highly productive education programs being pursued methodically, there are many Canadian universities in the top 100 globally.

The availability of multiple streams and a plethora of course options is what makes studying in Canada suitable for most international students. Every year, thousands of students from all over the world apply to study in Canada.

The specialities of the Canadian education system are:

  • Outstanding Quality: The education system followed by the institutions must entail techniques to empower the students, improve their skills, instill knowledge, and strengthen their confidence to take on more responsibilities. Then only organisations will have the confidence to accept them. The Canadian education system is known for its outstanding quality and comprehensiveness, which ensure all these. Qualifications from widely recognised and highly appreciated Canadian universities can get the candidate a job anywhere in the world. This has been the most significant factor in increasing the popularity of the study in Canada concept.
  • Course Orientation: The course programs in Canada evolve with the transformation globally as well as the changing trends. Course orientation is always of prime importance. When the student enters the corporate or government sector, he or she must be able to perform the duties flawlessly. Studying in Canada can help a candidate become a successful leader and team player because it is designed with practicability in mind.
  • Budget-friendly Courses: Reasonably charged courses are available for international students to choose from. making the option of studying in Canada a feasible option even for students with budgetary constraints. Reaching out to a trusted Canada study abroad consultant like us would help the student obtain admission to the college of his or her choice. Further, we offer guidance and support regarding affordable accommodation locations, cost-saving options while undergoing the course in Canada, etc. Scholarships and grants can also help with the cost of studying abroad in Canada. Get in touch with us to know more about the scholarships and grants, including the eligibility criteria.
  • Earn Money While Studying in Canada: There aren't many study abroad consultants in Canada who can assist you with this. As a well-connected international education consultant for over a decade and a half, we are well-versed in all aspects of the ability to work and earn. International students can work for 20 hours a week during their course period. It is also permitted to work full-time during the vacation period. As a result, one can financially support their family by raising funds for their overseas education. Once the student has completed the course in Canada, he or she can stay back for up to 03 years after obtaining an open work permit. Following the expiration of the work permit, the student may apply for permanent residency in Canada. The immigration process in Canada is unfussy, and one can get PR without much difficulty.
  • Safe and Hospitable Society: Canada welcomes immigrants with open hearts. The atmosphere in the country is safe and serene. People are highly cooperative and affectionate. They have been absorbing foreign cultures into their hearts and living with people from different countries, ethnicities, and cultures as one. As one of the safest countries in the world, life in Canada would be hassle-free and secure. Both the students and those employed can have a peaceful stay. The Canadian government is also supportive towards students, weaker sections of society, and minorities, making the country an optimistic one.

What makes Edroots international the best Study Abroad Consultants

Edroots International, founded in 2007, is still one of the most trusted Canada education consultants in the world.We offer end-to-end support to dreamy students who want to do something with their lives. Our aim has always been to render exceptional assistance, guidance, and support throughout.

The distinctive characteristics that make us the best consultants for your study in Canada dream are:

  • Expert Consultants: Our expert consultants will first understand your requirements. They would put forth wholehearted efforts to ensure your admission to the best Canadian university that offers the course of your choice.
  • Counseling Team: It is our responsibility to talk about your goals. They would suggest a few hand-picked courses based on your passion. You can pick the course depending on your tastes and career plans.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our support, which starts with your initial inquiry with us, will continue even after you join the university to study in Canada. You can connect with us for any administrative support while you are undergoing the course.
  • Affordable Courses: Those who are looking for affordable courses are also welcome at Edroots International. As the student-centric Canada study abroad consultants we are, our team would pick the courses that suit your budget and suggest them. Never drop your dream of studying abroad due to a lack of funds. Simply talk to us for any guidance or exclusive support.

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