Benefits of UK's New Graduate Immigration Route for Indian Students

Graduate immigration route uk

What are the biggest benefits you look for as an Indian student pursuing higher education in the UK? Obviously, worldwide recognition, opportunities, updated curriculum, multitudes of courses, facilities and so on. But even more importantly, how long would you be able to stay back in the UK even after your college education is completed? Here comes the UK’s new Graduate Immigration Route for international students.

The UK has always laid due emphasis on imparting education for students from all around the world and creating an opportunity for them to enhance their career prospects with internationally recognised qualifications. For Indian students, UK is one of the most sought-after study destinations. The government officially opened the Graduate Immigration Route (GIR) Visa for international students from 1 July 2021. The Graduate Immigration Route (GIR) enables students who have completed their graduation (both bachelor’s and master’s degrees) to stay back for a period of 2 years in the UK. For students pursuing a PhD, are able to remain up to 3 years after successful completion of their doctoral degree.

Students who have successfully completed their graduation can look for jobs related to their degree or can gain experience working in other sectors. According to this new rule, the students do not need sponsorship to apply for this visa. Another major attraction about this new Route is that there is no restriction for the kind of jobs the students are doing or salary requirements. GIR provides students to kick-start their careers from one of the most developed countries in the world - which for an Indian student is a sure shot way to gain traction in life.

So if you're a student from India seeking to study in the UK, this article is for you!

The UK and India are no strangers and the two have been interlinked for centuries by their rich and varied history would be understating things. Improving and strengthening this relationship has been the UK government’s priority, thanks to the ever-growing and thriving Indian student community in the UK.

Here are some of the major reasons how the UK’s Graduate Immigration Route is beneficial to Indian students:

More time and opportunities

From a stay back period of 4 months to the increased limit of 2 years for graduate and postgraduate students, the new Graduate Immigration Route provides a much-needed boost and breathing space for Indian students after their studies to seek out job opportunities. With more time, it becomes easier for Indian students to meet all requirements related to job thresholds and experience. They have ample opportunities and time to gain enough and more experience with any job until they can grow to have flourishing and well-paying careers.

Land well-paying jobs

At the end of the day, all an Indian student wants after completing his education in the UK is to find a well-paying job and PR. With the new Graduate Immigration Route, the chances of landing a well-paying job for an international student has increased tenfold. Indian students can make the best use out of the 2 years’ stay back period in hunting for jobs and packages that suit their needs and volition, which in turn can help them gain enough experience to find a sponsor in the long run.

Kickstart career

Finding a job in the UK provides immense benefits to an Indian student. For one, they would get an opportunity to earn a much higher salary than if they could in India. Secondly, finding a well paying and secure job in the UK with its plethora of multinational companies, business conglomerates, start-ups, etc. would be considerably easier in comparison to the situation in India. And finally, the level of exposure and experience an Indian student would earn if they get an opportunity to kickstart their career in a developed country like the UK would be on a plane hitherto unknown.

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Dependent Work Rights

Dependents who are accompanying postgraduate students will also provide work right in the UK for 2 years. They have full access to the UK job market.     

Get settled in life

What all these and more lead to is, in summation, a chance to get a head start in life and settle down from a young age. The earlier your life is set on track, the more risks you can afford to take, the more opportunities you get out of life, the more you can explore and the more you can give back. The points-based immigration system started in January 2021 caters to factors such as skills, qualifications, professions, salaries and age profiles to help fasten the process of granting residency to highly skilled professionals. 

If all these do not tempt you to pursue your higher education from the UK, there is nothing else that will. 

The best time to study in the UK as a student from India is NOW! Even amidst the pandemic situation prevalent all around the world, the UK government has eased norms as the situation gets better and in turn, many of the universities in the UK have started their admissions process as well.

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