Why Choose Higher Education in UK Rather than in India

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The United Kingdom attracts hundreds of thousands of international students every year. Unsurprisingly, a major chunk of those students are from the Indian subcontinent. Although India has no dearth of universities or colleges offering world class courses on various subjects, studying in a country like the UK is an incomparable experience without a doubt.

For students from India, studying in the UK offers them a whole new world of opportunities which they would not get from their home country. A new culture, a new place, new opportunities and experiences awaits them around 5000 miles away. Following are some of the benefits students from India can enjoy if they opt for higher education in the UK:


The British culture, though tangled with India in history, is vastly different from India on so many counts. Studying in the UK would give an opportunity for Indian students to understand and learn more about the UK and its culture and history.

At the same time, the UK also has a thriving multi-ethnic community of people from all around the world. Living in the midst of such a diverse population, an Indian student can mingle and learn a lot about different countries and their customs as well.

The other side of the coin is that if you ever feel homesick, the UK has a very strong Indian population, so finding kinship from your native land and immersing yourself in Indian culture and food would not be as difficult as you expect it to be.

Standard of Living

The standard of living in the UK is immensely different from that of India considering various factors such as access to basic amenities, quality of education,quality of air, GDP and much more.

The UK has an impressive healthcare policy even for international students, making healthcare affordable to all in a time of crisis. The country also boasts of great development in the fields of infrastructure and facilities, everything that a student needs. Moreover, the UK also has a thriving student life with ample opportunities to unwind and relax after a hectic day/week. All these and more make the UK a very attractive prospect for Indian students looking to pursue their higher education in the UK.

Acclaimed Universities

The UK hosts some of the top ranked universities in the world - University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College, etc. to name a few. However, it is not just the elite universities that the UK is famous for; there are over 130 universities in the country, almost all of which are acclaimed for their excellence in education and placements.

You can find any course in your field of interest in any of the top ranked universities in the UK. Psychology, Nursing, Public health and business administration - the wide variety of courses to choose from is unparalleled in comparison with other countries. Finding a well paying job after graduation from any of the UK universities is also a piece of cake considering the standard and quality of education imparted by the institutions therein.

Work Permit - During and After Graduation

One of the biggest factors that push Indian students to pursue higher studies in the UK is the opportunity to work while studying. The country’s rules and policies for students enable them to undertake part time job opportunities all the while pursuing their university education simultaneously.

In addition to part time work, the latest Graduate Immigration Route would enable students to stay back in the UK for an extended period of 2 years after graduation in order to apply for and identify a job for themselves. This amendment has been a godsend to aspiring UK students, especially those from India, which would provide them a much needed ground support to stay back and find a well paying job.

Research Infrastructure

What sets the UK apart from other countries with respect to higher education is that the country has an extensive and strong research infrastructure. The UK has been consistently ranked in the top the last few years for its world leading and internationally recognised research infrastructure.

This translates to better resources and a massively supportive environment for research scholars and PhD aspirants in the UK. A huge majority of research can be attributed to the clinical sciences, health & medical sciences, social sciences, business and humanities sectors. For this reason, Indian students who are looking to pursue doctoral degrees find the UK to be one of the best countries in the world for their research objectives.

The importance of choosing the right country and right university for your higher studies is missed by many. We have touched upon a few of the many reasons why students from India find the prospect of pursuing their higher education in the UK’s universities beneficial and attractive. It is important to seek the best guidance from experts in the field before nailing down on the right university/ country for you.

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