Benefits of Studying Nursing in the United Kingdom for International Students

study nursing in uk

Are you hoping to join an abroad university for the nursing course? Have you been confused about the best overseas education destination for nursing?

The United Kingdom would acquire first place if you conduct a poll to choose the best destination for nursing courses.

Are you wondering why? The UK has all the progressive elements that make it an ideal place for a successful nursing career. The authorities and medical education council have been so meticulous to ensure a meritorious education program for nurses and midwives.

Do you know the basic features of the nursing program in the UK?

Not to worry even if you don’t. We would elaborate on the distinctive factors of the course. So that, you can join the course unconcerned. You are welcome to consult us if any doubt lingers even after reading this post.

Features of Nursing Course in UK

The basic characteristics or features and requirements for pursuing a nursing course in the UK are explained in the below sections. The info would be useful for preparing yourself prior to applying for the course.

 Overseas Nursing Program (ONP)

The international nursing students must enroll for the Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) and qualify for the course for obtaining the certification. ONP is the authorization that enables the student to apply for a job in hospitals, both in the government and private sector.

Nonetheless, a BSc in Nursing is mandatory for joining the ONP. Renowned and reputed universities like Hertfordshire, Huddersfield, and Anglia Ruskin offer BSc, MSc, and Doctorate programs in Nursing. Once you have obtained the degree from the universities, you would be automatically registered for ONP. You may reach out to us for acquiring admission to the said universities.

Proficiency in English

One must be proficient in English to obtain admission for nursing. An IELTS score of 6.5-7 is required for a majority of the universities. The certificate has to be attached along with the documents submitted. Some UK universities will weigh the language proficiency of the applicant based on their merit. If a student is highly meritorious and has overall good grades, especially in English, then an admission committee of these few universities may waive the IELTS requirement.

Alternatively, you can opt for an Occupational English Test (OET) for proving your language proficiency. The OET certification will have a validity period, after which, you cannot use it for admissions.

Selection of the University for Nursing in UK

The UK has several institutions and universities offering nursing courses. Are all of them reliable? May not. You may note that only Approved Educational Institutions (AEI) can provide nursing courses in the UK. How to identify the right university to join? That’s where approved overseas educational consultants like Edroots International can help you.

The infrastructure, the quality of coaching, and the value of certificates are of paramount importance. What’s the use, if the certificate you receive doesn’t have much recognition globally?

We have associated with some of the most acclaimed universities offering nursing courses, including Hertfordshire, Huddersfield, and Anglia Ruskin. The certification from such educational institutions would highlight your quality silently.

How much is Your Budget?

Exorbitantly charging nursing schools can spoil all your plans. Your sustainability in this foreign land directly depends on the money in hand. Calculate the budget, determine how much you can spend, and how much to keep for future requirements before selecting the university.

The budget calculation must include not only tuition fees but also accommodation expenses, transportation charges etcetera. Keep some funds for emergency requirements.

Nursing School Application Process

Each university/ nursing school has an exclusive application process. The procedure would differ according to the type of course as well. You can opt for a wide range of nursing courses in the UK offering exceptional career prospects. BSc in Adult Nursing, MSc in Adult Nursing, and Child Care Nursing courses have been witnessing a quantum leap in job opportunities, due to increased requirements. Understanding the employment probability, many students nowadays are choosing those courses. 

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Benefits of Studying Nursing in the United Kingdom

We have looked into the points to note before applying for nursing courses in the UK. You might be wondering if studying nursing courses in the UK is beneficial.

Definitely. That is the single-word simple answer to the question. Studying Nursing in the UK is immensely beneficial as it would provide you a secure life and prospering career.

Job without any Waiting

You can join elite health facilities, hospitals, and medical centers immediately after obtaining the certification. Yes, you don’t have to wait to get a job when you have completed the graduation and ONP. Medical fields like BSc Adult Nursing and MSc Adult Nursing courses and Childcare nursing courses have extensive vacancies available, which is more than any other specialization.

High Remuneration

UK nurses can expect a good remuneration, which is higher than most of the other countries. A factor that has led to an increase in foreigners arriving in the UK for nursing jobs.

 Global Recognition

Are you thinking of relocating to any other country? It is not an issue when you have nursing graduation or master graduation certificate from the UK. The certificates from the top universities are recognized internationally. You can use it anywhere you want.

The world is slowly recovering from the clasp of the pandemic. UK universities including Hertfordshire, Huddersfield, and Anglia Ruskin have commenced the enrolment process. This is the right time to apply for nursing courses in the UK.

Start the application process yourself or reach out to us for professional advice, guidance, and support for joining the leading institutions in the UK. If you are planning to     , we help you get placed in the best university or college for your desired course.