What Documents Do You Need to Apply for a University Abroad

The study abroad application is the most important step of your study abroad journey. To secure admission to your desired institution or course, you must begin working months in advance. As part of the preparation for commencing the application process, you would have to adhere to plenty of mandatory requirements and documentation procedures. To ensure that you do not miss out on any required documents and that your application is in order, start your planning process well in advance. As a first step, it would be prudent to write down a checklist of things to do and documents to be submitted to keep your preparations as thorough as possible. 

To help you navigate through the application process, we have outlined the list of documents that you may be required to submit before the competent authorities as part of your study abroad program. If you wish to study abroad or know someone who plans to do so, save this article for future reference and/or share it with them!

Application Form

A duly filled application form is the primary requirement for your study abroad dreams. It includes all your personal and professional details. Ensure that you only fill in details that are relevant, true and updated. 

Academic Transcripts/Documents

Academic transcripts are similar to a consolidated mark sheet like we have in India. It provides a detailed record of your academic scores and performance. The Academic Transcripts give an idea of how you were as a student, which will include all courses you’ve taken with your grades, credits and degree received and so much more. It can also show what courses you took in high school or college and its relevance to the course you are applying for, which can help university officials in streamlining applications. Given below is a list of documents known as Academic Transcripts:

  • Mark Sheet
  • Mark List
  • Academic Certificates
  • Report Card
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Statement of Learning
  • Record of Achievement
  • Academic Record
  • Cumulative Record File (CRF)
  • Permanent Record
  • Transcript of Records (ToR)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The SOP stands for “statement of purpose” and is also called a personal statement. It is a vital part of your application when applying to study abroad. It is a formal explanation of your relevant experience and education, your motivations for studying abroad, and your plans for the future. The SOP should be written in such a way that it sells your case and compels them to consider your application over and above everyone else’s. But keep in mind that every piece of information that you provide in the SOP should be well structured, clearly written and not more than 1-2 pages long.

Proof of Language Proficiency

English being the most universally accepted language, you would be required to show you have basic knowledge and proficiency in the same to convey that you are an ideal candidate for university admission. You may be required to undertake the IELTS test and score relevant marks that your university in question looks for you to be admitted for the course of your choice. Some universities may ask you to submit a Medium of Instruction Certificate (MoI), which states the language in which you completed your bachelor's degree. 

Reference Letters

Reference letters are an additional thing for the university officials to show you are an ideal candidate for their course. Ensure that you obtain reference letters from reputed and qualified individuals, such as professors or teachers, advocating your skills and abilities as a well deserving candidate. Such letters of recommendation would give university officials some much-needed perspective and can help them decide whether you are fit for the seat. 

Curriculum Vitae

A good curriculum vitae should give a comprehensive insight into your personal, academic and professional details to those who read it. It should include all your achievements and details in chronological order. Make sure to mention your academic and professional achievements. A good curriculum vitae can be a sure shot way to get you admission at the university of your choice. 

These are some of the main documents you are required to submit while applying to study abroad. Even though the final list of documents may differ from university to university, the aforementioned documents would be necessary in any case. If you have any questions regarding any of the above information or about anything related to study abroad requirements, feel free to contact Edroots International, the leading study abroad consultant in Kerala. Connect with us to make your study abroad dream come true!