Top Ten Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala

The level of competitiveness in the employment and career markets is quite high due to the increasing globalisation of society. In such a world, an individual can have a significant edge in terms of their employment and career possibilities by possessing excellent professional experience and a high personal growth rate, particularly in an international environment. One of the best ways to launch a global career is by studying abroad. Every organisation looks for graduates from reputable foreign universities. Students gain a new perspective on life as a result of their interactions with people from various cultures, linguistic groups, and ethnicities. It encourages people to take on greater responsibility, which is advantageous to both them and the company they represent. The choice of highly competitive courses, universities, costs, and other factors can occasionally be overwhelming for those who want to pursue a study abroad programme, which is why they seek the assistance of international education consultancies.

Education consultants play a critical role in assisting students in making important decisions, from choosing the right courses and universities to discussing potential nations that will help them achieve their goals and choose a professional path. With so many study abroad advisors and counsellors, Kerala is one of the top destinations from which a huge number of students are flying abroad to pursue their studies. Making the appropriate choice for yourself is crucial. The following are regarded as the top 10 international educational consultants in Kerala.


One of the top study abroad consultants in Kerala, Edroots International, was established in 2007 and is based in Perinthalmanna, Kerala. Edroots has over 15 years of experience and has placed thousands of students in top universities all over the world. With the guidance of Edroots, students can choose wisely to pursue higher education at well-known international institutions by taking advantage of the company's comprehensive abroad education services. All of Edroots' students have always been promised high-quality, dependable services. They have a variety of highly skilled, educated, and experienced specialists who can direct students to the top institutions, allowing them to construct their futures. They provide personalised instruction for each student, and their methodical approach guarantees that every student has the chance to realise their potential. 

Address: Edroots International, 3rd Floor, Grace Building, SRV Road, Off MG Road, Near South Railway Station Jn, Cochin - 682011.


TC Global streamlines global education, learning, and mobility through the establishment of connections between students, universities, and a worldwide community on a single platform. With just a few simple clicks, students can quickly enroll in a course of study anywhere in the world. At the same time, the platform helps educational institutions market to and actively seek out international students. Over 2 million students in India have benefited from the consultancy's services, which it has been providing for the past ten years. The firm has a history of collaboration with more than 700 foreign colleges. 

Address: 6th Floor, Alapatt Heritage Building, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Kochi, Kerala 682035


Algate International started out as a small, lean consulting company with the goal of offering top-notch assistance to students who wanted to pursue an international education. There is a clear increase in competition for college admissions. Getting into the university of your choice can be greatly impacted by receiving proper help in choosing universities and finishing the application process. They make an effort to become acquainted with and comprehend the educational and financial backgrounds of their pupils in order to give them only the best guidance and information to help them achieve their objectives.

Address: Online Tower , 2nd floor, Ravipuram Rd, Kochi, Kerala 682016


Santa Monica was established in 2002 with the main objective of making it easier for students from all backgrounds to find and apply to overseas universities. With their headquarters in Kochi, Kerala, they are a well-known facilitator of international education. Students wanting to study at institutions in Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, China, Philippines, Singapore, France, UAE, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, and the United States can take advantage of their advisory services. Santa Monica provides online as well as offline services to students with all of their needs related to studying abroad.

Address: Mercy Estate, 3rd Floor Santamonica Junction, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Ravipuram, Kochi, Kerala 682015


The leading educational community in India as well as international education consultants in Kochi, NovaEdu, are committed to providing academic advice to students who want to begin their academic careers at prominent Canadian universities, colleges, and educational institutions. As a single destination for delivering excellent educational support and counselling, they take into account all the concerns of Indian students, from the slightest worries to queries about setting wise academic goals. They utilise cutting-edge digital platforms available round-the-clock to communicate with students all around the world.

Address: Elza Chambers 2nd floor, Janatha Junction, Sahodaran Ayyappan Rd, Ernakulam, Kerala 682019


Immilaw Global is one of the most reputable and well-known study abroad advisors in Kerala, with an experienced team of specialists dedicated to giving students in need the greatest study abroad support. Immilaw Global is a multinational consulting firm with a rapidly expanding global presence. Experts at Immilaw Global are dedicated to offering students the finest advice at every stage, including choosing courses, applying to universities, being accepted to the desired overseas universities, and more.

Address: Door No: 67/4347, Swapnil Enclave, High Court, Junction, Marine Drive, Ernakulam, Kerala 682031


The organisation is dedicated to helping students who want to continue their studies at institutes of higher learning abroad. They offer students excellent career help and counselling so they can make the best choice. Detailed information on overseas education as well as educational institutions in nations like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. is available on the website Edabroad. The goal-oriented overseas education consultancy Edabroad offers custom career paths to fit each student's needs within their unique financial, personal, and academic constraints.

Address: Near Cherin Jolly, Karithala Rd, Manorama Junction, Ernakulam, Kerala 682016


GeeBee, a study abroad consultant, offers students all the help they need to realise their ambition of attending university abroad. They have access to more than 75+ universities in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and many other countries across the world. Additionally, GeeBee helps students with exam preparation, college counselling, application submission, visa processing, and pre-departure services. In India, GeeBee has 32 offices, 14 of which are in Kerala.

Address: 2nd Floor, Vettukattil Buildings, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Jos Junction, Ernakulam South, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682016


In Kochi, Kerala, Campus World is an overseas education consultant that is expertly run by a group of professional specialists. Their team of experts in the field of international education collectively has over 14 years of relevant job experience. They are the authorised representatives of more than 700 international higher education institutions. They have been successful in obtaining admission for thousands of students to several programmes in numerous nations throughout the world as a result of their diligence and commitment.

Address: 4-A, National Pearl Star, Edappally Raghavan Pillai Rd, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682024


As one of the most well-known international education consultation facilitators in India, Guidance Plus represents over 1000+ top universities, institutions, and colleges around the globe to provide students with unsurpassed guidance and mentoring that will help them pursue excellent educational opportunities. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of student recruitment, Guidance Plus continues to be the go-to resource for students at many prestigious universities across the world who need assistance with their academic or professional plans. Their advisory board is made up of eminent academics and business leaders from the UK and the US.

Address: Bay Pride Mall, Menaka, Marine Drive, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682031


Finding the ideal foreign education consultant is essential, whether you choose virtual or in-person support. But before choosing, be sure the consultant you select is a suitable fit for your needs by taking time to thoroughly evaluate the kind of services you require.

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