Top Public Health Courses in the UK for International Students

The prospect of attaining higher education in the UK attracts millions of international students every year. And of the many engineering, science, arts, business and finance aspirants, a great majority are in pursuit of a degree in health courses. 

Why do health courses in the UK attract so many students around the world? The answer is simple:

  • Prestigious universities and courses that are the best in the world
  • The unique blend of theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Healthcare workers in the UK are among the top paid in the world

These are just some of the factors that make pursuing a degree in healthcare from the UK so attractive. Here are some of the most popular public health courses in the UK:

MSc Public Health

MSc in Public Health is a course that is designed to equip students to build a career in the public health sector like health services, government, research and NGOs. The course involves an in-depth study of:

  • Critically appraising evidence
  • Analysing and interpreting data
  • Research methods
  • Preventing ill-health
  • Improving health services
  • Health protection
  • Epidemiology
  • Health economics
  • Ethics and healthcare services

This course can be pursued by students who come from clinical as well as non-clinical backgrounds as well. Students will be given practical knowledge and experience from experts in the field in the duration of the course.

MPhil in Public Health

MPhil in Public Health is a full time course offered by few colleges & universities across the UK with a limited number of seats per year. It includes modules of classroom teaching on the basics and advanced levels on subjects such as Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Data Handling, Public Health, etc. this course also requires the students to submit a thesis on a topic of their choosing at the end of the course. 

Master of Public Health in Dental Public Health

The Master of Public Health in Dental Public Health is a course designed for those interested in seeking a masters degree in dental health from the UK. As with other Masters courses, students of this course would be required to submit a dissertation at the completion of the course. The course would involve the study of subject matters such as oral health & population, infection, prevention & control, dental services, primary health care, women’s health, global health, applied epidemiology to name a few.

Masters in Public Health (MPH)

Masters in Public Health is one of the most popular healthcare courses in the UK. It is offered by many universities of repute such as Imperial College of London, King’s College and University of Edinburgh to name a few. The course can be either one-year or one and a half year duration, depending on the college you choose. MPH essentially covers topics related to Health Promotion, Epidemiology, Statistics, and Public Health Ethics. One of the biggest advantages of doing this course is the varied and extensive practical knowledge and hands-on training you would get by working alongside the NHS as well as other international organisations like WHO.

Masters of Public Health in Public Mental Health (MSc)

Mental health is one of the growing areas of study around the globe and universities in the UK offer Masters of Public Health in Public Mental Health (MSc) for prospective students. Covering varied topics on psychology, anthropology, psychiatry and sociology, the course dives into an in-depth understanding of mental health & illnesses, mental health care, mental health policy, public mental health, etc. on a global level. This course is generally offered for a one-year duration on a full-time basis. However, it can also be pursued over two years part-time. 

Masters in public health from the UK is becoming one of the most sought after healthcare courses around the world. These are just five of the major masters degrees out of the hundreds of other healthcare degrees that prospective students popularly pursue from the UK. 

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