Things to Consider Before Choosing a Study Abroad Destination

Many students are finding their way abroad to pursue their dream courses in reputed foreign universities. The rate of immigrating students has increased considerably during the last couple of years. There are many factors that students should consider before choosing a study abroad destination. It includes accommodation, living expenses, quality of life, etc. All this needs to be thoroughly understood before arriving at a conclusion. As options are plenty, students often find it difficult to choose. If you are one such student who is juggling with the choices, then this blog is for you. Read below to understand more about the things to consider before choosing a study abroad destination.


Understanding the location and its features is essential before deciding on a study destination. As a student, you would be spending a couple of years there learning so it is important to know everything about the place. Know if the place has all the facilities you would need for your studies and to make your life easier. Check the quality of life there and see if it matches your expectations. Ask around if it is easier to find accommodations and what are their existing rules related to that. Also, enquire about their visa regulations and rules. Carry all the necessary documents with you while travelling to avoid legal consequences.

Identify the course you want to learn

Be mindful when you are choosing a course. Understand its scope, possibilities and career options associated with it. Check its relevance and the validity of the same across the country. Enquire about the scholarship options associated with the course. Talk to experts and consider their opinions. The trends are constantly changing and if you want to be at the forefront then you should be diligent from the beginning. Talk with an educational consultant and decide the best. Consider the future trends and pick a course that will have greater scope in future as well.

Enquire about the value of the course back in India

Certain courses have high scope and value in the foreign country where you would be pursuing it but back in India, it may not be that popular or even considered. If you are planning to launch a career back in India, then you might want to inquire about the value of the course back in India. If it won’t help you earn a career all your effort may go in vain. This is particularly true for courses such as medicine, accounting, etc. In an affiliated field, the student should research the job market and the qualifications required. Moreover, a person's employability after completing the course should also be examined.

Cost of living

Certain countries have an extremely high cost of living which might be hard for the students who would be depending on scholarships and student loans. So, before deciding upon a place make sure you understand the cost of living there. Check if it is affordable for you. Do the math and see if your student loan can afford it in the long run. The whole procedure shouldn’t fall heavily on you. The fees for a course and country should be reviewed before the student takes the course. Furthermore, they should inquire about public transport, rent, utilities, and miscellaneous costs. Finding good accommodation is the next step. You can settle into a new area with less worry when your accommodations are comfortable. When choosing a house, it is always advisable to select one that is close to reliable hotels and hospitals. In addition to making your life easier, it will also save you money on travel that you would otherwise spend on unnecessary expenses. Try gathering as much information about the location as possible before arriving there. It will assist you in getting an idea of the neighbourhood and familiarizing yourself with it.

Check Part-Time Work Opportunities

Being a student abroad, you might need to work part-time if you want to pay off the student loan and pay bills without worries. Every country has a different set of rules regarding work. It is pivotal to enquire in-depth about it and understand its nuances. It could be stressful if you start living in the country and find it hard to get a job. Learn about their policies and rules and see if you can conform to them.

Opportunities Available for Dependents

Most of the study abroad countries give spouse visas along with student visas. Using this, one can bring their legal partner with them to the country. The partner can apply for an open work permit and can be employed in the country. They will not require a job offer or Labour Market opinion. The dependent visa will have the same period of validity as the student visa. The rules and regulations for dependent visas vary from country to country. Understand the rules and regulations of each country before applying.

Every student dreams of attaining the best possible education and moving to another country in pursuit of it can throw countless challenges. Research and plan well before deciding on a study abroad destination. Take the help of educational consultants whenever necessary.