Established in 1967, Durham College is located in Durham Region of Ontario, Canada. The college offers an array of full-time, certificate ad diploma courses in various disciplines such as including business, information technology, media, art, design, general arts, science, skilled trades, justice, emergency services, health and engineering technology.

Durham College has campuses co-located with Ontario Tech University in Oshawa and another campus in Whitby. The college also has community employment services in Uxbridge, Port Hope, Port Perry, Beaverton, Oshawa and Bowmanville. Durham College accommodates international students from more than 60 countries and has a large alumnus across the world. The college has around 800 full-time faculty staff.

Durham college provides world-class amenities to its students that includes housing options, sports and recreational activities, shopping, transportation, parking, health and medical facilities, campus safety, and franchise of food options. The college has various dedicated learning centres exclusively for the students. The four-storey campus library that accommodates large collection of books and journals. The college’s athletics range from badminton to basketball, rowing to running, and much more.

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