Best 10 Courses to Study in Ireland for Indian Students in 2024

Studying abroad in a globally reputed and accredited university is every aspirant’s dream. Students look for the best countries and universities to upgrade their careers. With multiple options available, it becomes difficult to decide on the right place and university to pursue their higher education and to give a boost to their careers. Ireland is one of the most popular and preferred countries for pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. It has the top-ranked universities and higher employment rates compared to the rest of Europe.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 courses to pursue in Ireland, specifically for Indian students.

Why Choose Ireland for Your Education?


Thousands of students aiming to study abroad prefer to move to Ireland because of the academic benefits the country offers. Ireland is home to world-class universities and leading multinational companies. It holds an excellent reputation due to its best education system and employment opportunities. Apart from this, Ireland is known for its people-friendly environment and beautiful landscapes. You can explore the top universities that offer a variety of courses in the country and the best courses in different fields.

Top Courses in Ireland for Indian Students


Here is the list of top courses to study in Ireland:

1. Software Engineering

Software engineering is a rapidly growing course in Ireland. The most popular programme in the country in this field is the B.Sc. Computer Science and Software Engineering, M.Sc. Software Engineering and M.Eng. Electronic and Computer Engineering. Ireland is recognised as the second largest exporter of IT services, after the U.S. Therefore, when you choose to pursue software engineering in Ireland, it will open the door to the best career opportunities in the world’s top MNCs.

2. Banking and Finance

If you are interested in banking and finance, you can pursue courses such as BAFS (Hons.) Actuarial and Financial Studies, B.A. Accounting and Finance, M.Sc. in Investment, Treasury & Banking and M.Sc. in Finance in Ireland in top universities. There are leading banks and financial institutions in the country, such as Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, State Street, and so on.

3. Data Analytics and Data Science

Among the top courses, data science and big data are the best courses in Ireland. In this course, students have to study about dealing with large volumes of data and analysing them. The available courses in this field are B.Sc. Data Science, B.Sc. Computing (Data Analytics & Big Data), M.Sc. Data & Computational Science and M.Sc. Data Science and Analytics. Students will get vast job opportunities in this field.

4. Healthcare and medicine

For Indian students, healthcare and medicine is a popular career choice. Ireland has made its reputation and set standards with its great investments in the medical research field. The colleges and universities in the country have professional faculty teams and the best infrastructure. To study medicine, the student needs to register with the Central Applications Office. The top medicine courses to choose from in Ireland are MBBS and B.Sc. Nursing, Master in Public Health and other paramedical courses.

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5. Business Analytics

Business Analytics is another top course for Indian students in Ireland. The course usually deals with solving minor to complex business problems with the help of data analysis, quantitative methods and statistical models. The course is a combination of data analytics, computer programming and business intelligence. The popular business analytics courses are B.Sc. Business Analytics and MSc. in Business Analytics.

6. Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical Science is one of the best courses in the Irish educational landscape. The booming pharmaceutical industrial sector in the country has brought vast and unique opportunities for students who want to start their careers in this field. Pursuing a degree in pharmaceutical science will allow you to work in various aspects of drug creation, design and development process, and production and distribution. You can study here for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Pharmacy.

7. Digital Marketing

The digital marketing field is also accelerating at a higher rate in Ireland. The innovative techniques in this field have contributed to the creation of modern business strategies. With the rising growth of e-commerce, data-driven advertising, and social media marketing, digital marketing courses will allow students to enhance their skills to make their professional careers in this dynamic field. You can pursue a bachelor's and master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Irish universities offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Artificial Intelligence (AI) covering areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics. These programmes integrate theory with practical applications, preparing students for careers in AI research, development, and implementation across industries. They emphasize hands-on experience and often collaborate with industry partners to provide real-world projects and internships.

9. Business Administration

Ireland's universities offer comprehensive programmes in Business Administration, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in diverse business environments. These programmes, particularly MBA, cover essential areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Graduates emerge prepared for leadership roles across various sectors, contributing to Ireland's vibrant business landscape and global economy.

10. Cloud Computing

Ireland has the potential to soon become a world leader in the cloud computing field. It offers the most advanced knowledge and skills in the field of Information Technology. In Ireland, you can apply for Master's in cloud computing to meet the rising demand from the industry with key skills and abilities.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships are offered by top universities in Ireland for Indian Students, as follows:

  • Government of Ireland’s International Education Scholarships
  • Trinity College Dublin Scholarships
  • NUI Galway International Student Scholarships
  • University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarships

Indian students will also get financial aid such as education loans, research grants, and university bursaries.


The above-discussed courses are the top courses Indian students should study in Ireland. If you are interested in any of the above courses, you can apply for them at reputed universities in the country. Moreover, you will also get financial help and scholarships for your courses. If you still have queries regarding the courses in Ireland, get in touch with the expert consultants at Edroots International.