8 Important Things to Do After Arriving in the UK to Study

As an international student when you arrive in the United Kingdom you will to bear with some challenges and some tasks. The first thing is you must understand before applying to the universities is how the UK’s education system works. Prepare well for your arrival, take time to settle and understand the country’s university life and culture. Then comes the part where you should manage your finances and of course, try to explore the UK. Keep the following points in mind to make your student life easier and enjoyable in the UK:


  1. Acquire a SIM Card

Securing connectivity is the very first thing you should do that too when you are going to live in a new environment. It’s advisable to take a pre-paid sim of reliable telecom players such as Lyca or Lebara. Getting a SIM card or pre-booking one before your UK arrival guarantees a local number and mobile data access. Various network providers extend cost-effective SIM cards, enabling better communication with family and essential services. If opting for pre-ordering, ensure you possess your address details and refrain from dispatching it to the University's primary reception.

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  1. Check-In Procedure for Accommodation

Well, in the UK, you find three types of accommodation: the university hall residence, commercial student apartments, and private homes. When you arrive in the UK the accommodation type you choose will be considered for the check-in process. Keep this in mind and prepare. Check the place where you decide to stay and make sure there are no damages if there are any then take pictures of it and speak to the landlord.

  1. Collect Your BRP

BRP, short form of Biometric Residence Permit, is an identification card in the UK, containing your fingerprints and biometric photo data. Without it, you may encounter restrictions, such as being unable to open a bank account, lodge in hotels, or access bars. Prioritize obtaining your BRP upon your arrival in the UK. Remember to carry your passport and BRP collection letter when visiting the Post Office for collection. By 2025, traditional, physical biometric residence permits and visas will be phased out as the UK gears up to introduce e-visas/e-BRPs. The UK plans to transition away from Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) and Biometric Residence Cards (BRCs) as part of a digital border initiative.

  1. Enroll at Your University

Your university will furnish you with an instructional email for registration. Ensure you bring all the requisite documents stipulated by the institution to the designated registration site. Subsequently, you will be issued your student card, which serves as your gateway to the university.

  1. Enroll with a Local GP (General Practitioner)

Maintaining good health is very important during your international student tenure. Upon your arrival, quickly enroll with a local GP (General Practitioner) to avail healthcare benefits. Registering with a GP facilitates access to medical counsel, essential vaccinations, and primary healthcare provisions throughout your UK residency.

  1. Get a Bank Account

Possessing a local bank account streamlines financial management in the UK. Banks like HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, and Santander will provide student accounts for international students. Typically, you will require an appointment and a university enrollment letter to get a bank account. This account permits efficient handling of daily financial transactions and expense management.

In addition to a standard bank account, think about getting a digital bank account like Monzo, Monese, or Revolut. These digital banking entities offer user-friendly mobile banking services and often provide supplementary advantages like minimal or zero foreign transaction charges. They would be beneficial for overseeing international transfers or travel expenditures.

  1. Get a Transit Card for Travelling

Getting an Oyster travel smartcard will be the most convenient mode for traveling in the public transport network in London. In other places, you may try other public transport facilities or you can even explore the university and the town in a bicycle or two-wheeler. You can buy an Oyster card at TFL Visitor Centers, transport stations, and various Oyster ticket outlets. If you fall within the age bracket of 16-25, acquiring a 16-25 Railcard to link with your Oyster card grants a 1/3 discount on train fares for both tube and rail services.

  1. University Facilities and Resources

Your university provides a wide range of tools and facilities to support your professional and personal development. Make sure to utilize them. Discover the array of facilities available on campus, including study spaces, computer labs, student lounges, sports complexes, and libraries. These locations offer comfortable environments for learning, exploring, and relaxing.

Try to join one of the societies/associations at your university to foster cross-cultural and inter-personal understanding or for skill. UK’s university societies reflect a diverse cultural landscape, encompassing interests from traditional to contemporary. These societies celebrate cultural heritage, develop skills and promote awareness among the student community. From language clubs to culinary societies, dance troupes to film societies, they provide platforms for cultural exchange, exploration, and community building on campus. 

Following these tips when arriving in the UK can help international students starting their academic journey and ensure a successful and fulfilling study abroad experience. Every action count towards your adjustment and connection, from making travel plans and obtaining necessary paperwork to fully immersing yourself in the culture and putting your well-being first.

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